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Some of my old artwork

I’ve been meaning to pull out my old artwork from when I went to The Art Institute of Dallas and I actually had a reason to do so today. While my son and I were looking for a lost toy, we came across my old art supplies and portfolio. Since he asked what it was and if he could look at my drawings, I figured I’d go ahead and take a few pictures to share.

I wonder if I can still draw… it’s been a really long time since I’ve tried.

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BlackBerry PlayBook: Bring on the AIR apps!

Unless you’ve been without an internet connection or human contact lately, you’ve surely heard of the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. And if you were at Adobe MAX or our last Flash Dallas meeting, you also know about the offer BlackBerry is making to AIR developers. In case you don’t, the short explanation is that if you develop an AIR app and get it approved and available on BlackBerry App World before the device is released, they’ll send you a free PlayBook!

(I was already excited to try out some BlackBerry+AIR dev but they just pushed it right to the top of my to do list)

So what are you waiting for? Go grab all of the tools and get started! Bring on the AIR apps and bring on the PlayBook!

So how about some helpful links:

PlayBook Application Development is a good starting point with links to items like the PlayBook SDK and simulator.
( http://us.blackberry.com/developers/tablet/ )

Check out the five-week webcast series where you can interact with Research In Motion (RIM) and Adobe experts at PlayBook Development Resources.
( http://us.blackberry.com/developers/tablet/devresources.jsp )

And let’s not forget the very generous FREE PlayBook offer.
( http://devblog.blackberry.com/2010/12/submit-playbook-apps-to-app-world/ )
*I updated the link to the free PlayBook offer to a post with more detailed info

*AIR is everywhere*


Flash Advertising now available

Flash AdvertisingWhile originally planned for Aug. 27, Flash Advertising was released a little bit ahead of schedule and is now available to order.

This 2nd edition to Creating Flash Advertising has been updated to include ActionScript 3 as well as a few new sections and chapters. You can pick it up at Amazon and you can check out the site for the book here.

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Flash Dallas – An Official Adobe Flash User Group

Flash DallasAbout a month ago a new official Adobe Flash User Group, Flash Dallas, was started with my good friend Chris Long at the helm and me co-managing. After doing a little looking around we’ve found a place for our first meeting which will be held on Saturday, June 26th at 11:00am (details below).

***Special thanks to Angela Ferrell for helping so much with the location***

The plan for our first meeting is to set goals for the group, discuss future meeting times and places, talk about topics/speakers that members would like to hear about throughout the year and spend a little time looking at Flash CS5.

If you haven’t already, please join our group and feel free to follow us on twitter as well.




My Adobe/Apple prediction

Ok, so there’s no doubt you know what’s going on with Adobe and Apple and I’m not going to bother link-feeding to all of the different things that have been going on between the two companies (the most recent being Little Stevie J’s “Thoughts on Flash”). Instead, I’m going to offer up a [long shot] prediction.

So here it is:
I think that Adobe and Apple are working together on this and that when CS5 is made available, they’ll say “And now… Flash on the iProducts!” (or maybe it’ll happen with the release of the next iPhone).

Think about this for a second. Look at the amount of buzz they are generating for each other. They bicker like a couple of small children fighting over a toy and when one of them says, “Fine, you can have it. I’ll go play with this other toy.” The other one says, “Oh no you don’t… I’m not finished arguing with you yet!” And it starts back up. All the while, us developers are creating more and more buzz each time it flairs up. It’s f***ing brilliant!

Ok, so I said it. I know there are lots and lots and lots of holes in my theory so you really don’t need to point them out. I just wanted to share. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

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