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Sr Flash Platform Developer

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With experience working with the Flash Platform since graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas in 1998, I have spent the majority of my career building Flash-based websites, games and applications while working for employers ranging from interactive advertising agencies to branded entertainment and advergaming companies. During my time in these industries, I have had the opportunity to work on projects for clients such as Patron Tequila, GameStop, Hyundai, Fruit of the Loom, National Pork Board, Travelocity, Florida Department of Citrus, Nokia and many others.

Outside of work I try to devote extra time to expand on my knowledge and skill set by studying other areas such as HMTL5, Java for Android and Objective-C.

Moving forward, I am looking to utilize the skills and experience I have acquired over the past several years while also allowing me to continue to learn and grow professionally. In the near future, I would like to advance to a leadership role or management position.


6/1998 The Art Institute of Dallas, Dallas, TX

  • Associate of Applied Arts in Computer Animation


  • Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR (mobile & desktop), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ActionScript 2 & 3, XML, CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, Java, Objective-C




  • Dallas Flash User Group Co-Manager (Flash Dallas)
  • Adobe Community Professional

Software Engineer
Avaya, Richardson, TX
3/2012 – Present

Main Flex developer working within a larger, multi-national team developing video conferencing software to be integrated with other online conferencing tools. Also in charge of Flex and ActionScript code reviews for best practices and optimization on multiple projects.

Software Engineer
Intuit, Plano, TX
10/2009 – 3/2012

Working as part of a team to create and maintain online software utilizing Adobe Flex and Java. Also managing software releases, customer incidents, building and deploying software to multiple hosting environments for testing quality, performance and several other aspects of web-based software.

Senior Interactive Developer
Branded News / Ackerman McQueen, Irving, TX
4/2009 – 10/2009

  • Working in Flex as part of a team developing an application for client use.

My responsibilities at Branded News include development and modification of various modules and components for a branded web based application.

Senior Flash Developer
The Marketing Arm, Dallas, TX
12/2008 – 4/2009

  • Development in Flex and Flash to create online marketing and advertising for client products and promotions.
  • Integration between Flex and an AMFPHP backend for contests, drawings and various other prize based promotions.

While developing for The Marketing Arm, I was able to not only introduce them to Flex, but also show them how it can increase a developer’s speed and productivity when used on the right projects. Some of the clients I’ve worked for at The Marketing Arm include American Airlines, GameStop and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas.

Flash Game Developer II
Blockdot, Inc., Dallas, TX
11/2007 – 12/2008

  • Work with a team of developers to produce websites and casual games for various clients directly or through their advertising agency.
  • Determine which product (Flash or Flex) is best suited for a given project.
  • Integration between ActionScript (2 and 3) and .NET web services for data ranging from simple high score tables to complete information about logged in users.

My primary focus while working at Blockdot has been on the development of websites and game frames/shells. Utilizing either Flash or Flex, I have done the development of entire user experiences as well as pieces that simply provided a place for multiple games to live and communicate with a common interface and backend.

Senior Flash Developer
Click Here, Inc. / The Richards Group, Dallas, TX
11/2003 – 11/2007

  • Build websites with Flash and/or Flex for national and international clients.
  • Program communication between ActionScript (2 and 3) and various other languages such as .NET, ASP, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

During my time at Click Here I had the opportunity to work on many projects for some very large and well known clients such as Patrón, Hyundai, GameStop and Travelocity. While doing development on websites and banners in both Flash and Flex, I also used Adobe AIR to build internal tools used to increase developer productivity.

Multimedia Developer
Intelecon Services, Inc. / Revolve Communications, Dallas, TX
3/2001 – 11/2003

  • Development of Flash websites for various clients both local and national.
  • Creation and development of graphics, animations and interactivity for CDs and kiosks used in trade shows.

While working at Intelecon, I was able to start building more on my ActionScript knowledge while also providing animations and graphical work for our clients.

Senior Multimedia Developer
ElasticEdge, Plano, TX
11/2000 – 1/2001

  • Creation and development of graphics, animation and interactivity for sales demonstrations.
  • Designed, produced and managed materials and graphics for sales collateral.

Web and Multimedia Designer
InVerge, Addison, TX
5/2000 – 11/2000

  • Programming and development for use in trade shows such as eTail2000 in New York and ICEexpo in San Jose.
  • Used Photoshop for production of graphics for company demos and website.
  • Used Sonic Foundry Acid Music and Sound Forge to produce music for trade shows and website demos.

Graphic Artist / Flash Animator
Courtroom Sciences Inc., Irving, TX
1/1999 – 5/2000

  • Performed in a multi-team environment to produce graphics, animations, and interactive shows for use as exhibits in Trial Vision, a proprietary multimedia presentation software package built for client trials.
  • Worked on projects for use in local, national, and international company trials.
  • Created graphics in Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator to be used in Trial Vision.
  • Used Sonic Foundry Sound Forge to create sounds for animations and interactive exhibits.
  • Created animations and interactive exhibits with Macromedia Flash to fulfill clients needs for persuasive exhibits.

Cover Artist
Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, TX
11/1998 – 1/1999

  • Worked individually to create artwork for school yearbook covers. Projects given with client approved concepts and instructions.
  • Used Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator to create artwork for projects.
  • Scanned artwork provided for several covers.
  • Brought artwork through Quark to prepare and run four color film process.

Accomplishments and Affiliations