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Flash Advertising cover art

My publisher sent over the cover art for my upcoming book a couple of weeks ago and after getting their ok today, I thought I’d go ahead and share it on here. I’d also like to give a special thank you to my friends at Ovrflo Media for coming up with the cover concept.

Flash Advertising: Flash Platform Development of Microsites, Advergames and Branded Applications

Pre-order Flash Advertising on Amazon!

So there it is. Feel free to click on it to pre-order from Amazon if you feel so inclined. :)

http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/digg_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/reddit_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/dzone_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/stumbleupon_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/delicious_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/furl_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/technorati_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/google_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/myspace_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/facebook_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/yahoobuzz_48.png http://flash.fincanon.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/twitter_48.png
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  1. Wicked. I like it much more than the previous edition’s cover. Maybe fewer Amazon Trolls will come out of their dank caves to rail against it…maybe.

  2. Thanks Chris!
    Yeah, it was kinda sad to find out that there are people out there who will give a book a 1 star rating based on the cover and then go on to admit that they don’t own it and won’t read it because they don’t like the cover. Very odd.

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