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Blockdot + Chevy = Adobe site of the day

Chevy Cobalt LabsI’m very happy to write that Blockdot has received the Adobe site of the day award for today (January 30) for the work done on Chevy Cobalt Labs. Congrats to all who were involved!

With turbo-charged apps and fuel-injected fun, the Chevy Cobalt Labs website lets you design your own tricked-out Cobalt. Then race other drivers on a multiplayer race course, post pictures of your ride and connect with other users, or vote for your favorite concept car. Built with Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Media Server, and Flash Player.

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I’m in the Adobe Design Center!

AdobeI’d like to take a minute give a BIG thanks to Jen deHaan and Sara DiGregorio at Adobe for taking time out of their recent days to talk with me and my publisher about including an excerpt from my book on adobe.com. I’m obviously very excited about this and I hope that the excerpt, which is chapter 4, will peak your interest enough to check out the rest of the book.

Thanks again Jen and Sara!

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Flash on Adobe, flash on!

flash onI spotted this post over at Beedigital and just had to click on the link to check out Adobe flash on. After spending just a few minutes on it, I wanted to help spread the word so here I am writing this post. I’m going to dig deeper, but it looks like the short explanation of it (my own explanation anyway) is that it’s a video portal where you can choose different categories of videos to watch. With categories like horror, animation, lifestyle, hd, action, comedy and several others, there’s plenty of video there to keep you entertained for a good while. Check it out when you have a few minutes.

Thanks for the post Mário.