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Flash Advertising now available

Flash AdvertisingWhile originally planned for Aug. 27, Flash Advertising was released a little bit ahead of schedule and is now available to order.

This 2nd edition to Creating Flash Advertising has been updated to include ActionScript 3 as well as a few new sections and chapters. You can pick it up at Amazon and you can check out the site for the book here.

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Flash Advertising cover art

My publisher sent over the cover art for my upcoming book a couple of weeks ago and after getting their ok today, I thought I’d go ahead and share it on here. I’d also like to give a special thank you to my friends at Ovrflo Media for coming up with the cover concept.


ClickTagger: An AS3 Class for clickTags

ClickTagger is an ActionScript 3 class that I’ve written for my upcoming book and it was primarily built to solve for the case sensitivity issue that Flash developers may run into when using the clickTag variable in their banners. Without a current standard in place for ad serving companies, some use clickTag while others use clickTAG and still others use ClickTag or even clicktag. In ActionScript 2 this wasn’t/isn’t an issue, but as soon as a Flash developer or agency starts creating banners with AS3 they may very quickly encounter the problem by having their ads kicked back for not working correctly.

Read more and download ClickTagger here.


Talkin’ smack with GameStop and Flex

Talkin SmackThe last Flex project I was working on before I left Click Here to join Blockdot was a site for GameStop known as the Smack Talk Generator. While the site was originally due to launch before my departure, there were unforeseen events that pushed that date out and I didn’t get to finish it up. Since that was the case, the project was handed over to a couple of my (now former) coworkers for completion and I was told that it launched yesterday.

Ok, so what exactly is this Smack Talk Generator? Well, the short version of it is this: Since gamers like to talk smack to each other, they can now do it via email (linking out of course) with voice and animation. To talk smack with someone, you simply drag words you want to use from an available “word bank” and drop them in the smack sentence area. Your chosen words can then be removed or rearranged as you see fit and then you can choose an animation to play along with your smack, preview it and then send it all out to your friends. That’s it in a nutshell.

So get over there to check it out and then come back here because I’d love to hear what you think.

One more thing for Chris, Scott and Charlie (and anyone else involved in the project): GREAT JOB GUYS!

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Starting a new chapter in my career

BlockdotAfter much thought and careful consideration, I’ve recently turned in my resignation with Click Here and will be joining the team at Blockdot starting on November 26th. While I’m very much looking forward to meeting (and of course working with) all of the extremely talented developers at Blockdot, I will also miss my friends at Click Here who have been the best group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with to date. The last 4 years have been very valuable to me in terms of both personal and professional growth and if anyone reading this post is presented with the opportunity to work at Click Here, I would definitely recommend it. With that said, it’s time for me to look ahead to my future and open a new chapter in my career… a chapter that looks to hold plenty of fun challenges, learning opportunities and of course… games.