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ClickTagger: An AS3 Class for clickTags

ClickTagger is an ActionScript 3 class that I’ve written for my upcoming book and it was primarily built to solve for the case sensitivity issue that Flash developers may run into when using the clickTag variable in their banners. Without a current standard in place for ad serving companies, some use clickTag while others use clickTAG and still others use ClickTag or even clicktag. In ActionScript 2 this wasn’t/isn’t an issue, but as soon as a Flash developer or agency starts creating banners with AS3 they may very quickly encounter the problem by having their ads kicked back for not working correctly.

Read more and download ClickTagger here.


TexFlex09 Spark Skinning files

TexFlex 09Well, I admit it took me entirely too long to get these files uploaded and I apologize to anyone who may have been waiting to get them. For those that weren’t waiting, the files I’m talking about are the files from the Spark Skinning session held by me and Chris Long at TexFlex09 back in November.

If you visit my TexFlex09 page, you’ll find a few things there including links to the two examples and a link to download a zip containing Chris’s PowerPoint and two Flex Project files (one for each example). One important thing to note is the Flex SDK build number used in the examples.

Again, sorry for the long delay in making the files available. Enjoy!


Have a mac? Like widgets? Like my site?

I don’t. But Chris Long does and he whipped up this widget for reading the feed from my site. Hope you like it!

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New category added: “Downloads”

I’ve added a new Downloads category for… well, downloads. My posts to this category may be few and far between, but here are a few downloads to kick it off:

First, a couple of Flash Lite Apps that I built back when Macromedia had that competition for them:
(See if your device is supported here.)

  • Memik
    Memik is a Flash Lite based game based on Simon Says. Download this game and enjoy hours of testing your memory right from your mobile device.
  • Amortization Calculator
    Download this application and calculate loan payments from your mobile device.

Next up, an “Extension” (lack of a better term) in both “Lite” and “Regular”:

  • Flash Feeder Lite
    Flash Feeder Lite allows you to read the latest Macromedia Flash news from the Macromedia XML News Aggregator from within a dockable panel inside the Flash authoring environment.
  • Flash Feeder
    Read all of your favorite RSS1 and RSS2 feeds without leaving the comfort of the Flash authoring environment. This dockable panel has a settings dialog which not only lets you add and remove feeds from your list as you see fit, but lets you set an auto-refresh time interval.

Hope you enjoy them all!

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