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Tilt Shift Photo play

After checking out some links about tilt shift photographic effects in a tweet from Mike Chambers (@mesh) I thought I'd give it a quick try based on this tutorial. While I've seen tilt shift photography plenty of times before, I never really realized what it was or how it worked. At any rate, here are my quick tries at this awesome effect.

Note: I am definitely NOT a profesional photographer.
Another Note: Numbers 2, 3 and 4 were taken with my iPhone.
Another-nother Note: Roll over the images to see the before/after

Photo 1:

This movie requires Flash Player 9

Photo 2:
This movie requires Flash Player 9

Photo 3:
This movie requires Flash Player 9

Photo 4:
This movie requires Flash Player 9

Ok, that's all I got. See ya later.

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OT: My son is going to be an actor.

I promise I'm working on an actual Flash/Flex related post right now, but I couldn't let this go any longer.
My 3 year old son gave his acting skills a shot in this picture form our latest camping trip. Maybe some day he'll be a big Hollywood star and he can support us in our old age. Just check out the terror on his face as he gouges the eyes of this wooden alligator that is attempting to devour his leg!

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